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The UV & Me Project

A fun scientific project that is run at schools by kids. When the UV is 3 or more, the UV flag is sent up the flag pole for the whole school community to see as a signal to watch out for those dangerous UV rays!

Kids of all ages get involved and reward themselves by learning about UV and naturally using sun protection when required.

Overview for Primary Schools

Caulfield South Weather Station measures UV for our area all the time. This is important since it show us exactly how much UV rays are hitting us from the sun. It also shows us exactly how damaging these UV rays are being. The UV & Me Project is your opportunity to teach kids and raise awareness about the dangers of UV in a fun, exciting and rewarding way.

Your Successful UV & Me Project

A successful UV & Me Project is implemented during the spring/summer months.

UV focussed activities can be designed to teach all about UV and lead in to more learning about our weather.

'Magic' UV beads are available for purchase from Caulfield South Weather Station which are truly amazing. They not only make very unique gifts, but they inspire a great deal of inquiry into what UV is and why we need to be concerned about it. The are an inexpensive, totally safe product that change from a white colour to their particular colour (say yellow or purple or blue...) when they are struck by UV light from the sun. They can be made into fashionable bangles, threaded onto clothes, attached to backpacks and a million other uses and are also waterproof! You can enquire more about these amazing UV beads here.

Caulfield Junior College

The UV & Me Project was formerly launched at Caulfield Junior College in Melbourne on the 2nd of November 2006. Opened by Dr. Barry Jones and with Sunsmart present, the all day affair was simply extraodinary.
More from Principal Tim Douglas about The UV & Me Project

About Us

Caulfield South Weather Station was the Sunsmart Champion in 2006. We are also recognized by the Bureau of Meteorology and have been presented with an award by Mr. Greg Hunt, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment and Heritage for our work. We have been "Star of the Month" at We Are What We Do and recognized by the University of Sydney as a valuable teaching resource. We have also had a great article about the launch in the Caulfield Leader (November 29, 2006 edition, page 8) under the title "Ultra Effective Project".

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Ultraviolet Radiation
  • UV index: 0.0
Daily: 1.8 at 11:55am
Monthly: 2.6
Yearly: 12.8
Solar Radiation
  • Solar: 0 W/m
Daily: 489 W/m at 12:19pm
Monthly: 740 W/m
Yearly: 1470 W/m